Nabji Korphu Trek

This one-week trek offers a short, easy and enjoyable journey around scenic Trongsa Dzongkhag. The climate is warm and pleasant as the trail stays between 1000-1500m in altitude and there is a wide array of flora and fauna observable along the route including the rare Golden Langur, Red Pandas, Himalayan Black Bears, Rhesus Monkeys, Rufous-necked Hornbills and Clouded Leopards.

Hikers on this trek will have plenty of opportunity to experience traditional rural life as they will spend nights in the villages of Nabji, Korphu and Nyimshong. Nabji is an idyllic village surrounded by verdant paddy fields and the villagers of Korphu are famed for their hospitality. Visitors will often be greeted by a Chipdrel procession and Marchang ceremony, practices typically reserved for royalty. Nyimshong is a good place to observe some of the local culture as the women often put together cultural shows full of singing and dancing for visitors.

This is the perfect trek for visitors looking to learn about and experience traditional rural life firsthand while enjoying the natural beauty and biodiversity of Bhutan. The best time to embark on this trek is in winter, between October-April.


Day 1: Riotala to Nimshong, distance 6.5kms, time 3-4 hours

Drive from Trongsa (alt. 2,200m) and commence the trek at Riotala village, ending at Nimshong Village (alt. 1,319m) this afternoon. Keep an eye open for deer and macaques along the way while enjoying the beautiful view over the Mangde Valley. The trek starts with a steep descent of 693m, to the bed of the Mangde river, and follows the river bed until you come across the chorten that indicates the entry to Nimshong village.  A steep climb brings you to the village which has 58 households and a population of approximately 465 people.

Overnight Tented Campsite 1319m

Day 2: Nimshong to Nabji, distance 13kms, time 5 hours

Early this morning you will visit a local temple and then commence trekking through a lush broadleaf forest alive with abundant bird and mammal life. A good chance here to sight Golden Languars and the rare Rufous-necked Hornbill. The trail undulates through a dense forest to the village of Nabji, which consists of 44 households with approximately 400 people, and is situated on a foothill above terraced fields of rice.  The temple of Nabji, which means ‘promising’ or ‘oath’, harbors the stone pillar to mark the peace between Bumthang & Assam Kings.

Overnight Tented Campsite 1300m

Day 3: Nabji – Korphu – Nabji, distance 12kms, time 4-5 hours

From Nabji base camp this morning enjoy a day hike excursion to Korphu village. Korphu is situated on a mountaintop at an altitude of 1500m and has 76 households with approximately 600 people. It is a spectacular hike uphill, and the view from the clustered village of Korphu is breathtaking. Do visit Korphu’s temple which houses the sacred relics of Pema Lingpa. Stop in Korphu for lunch and hike back to Nabji midafternoon.

Overnight Tented Campsite 1300m

Day 4: Nabji – Kubdra, distance 13kms, time 6-7 hours

Nabji Village 1300m – Kubdra Campsite 1636m. Our trek today starts on a trail to Kubdra village leading through a dense forest of large trees with clippers, orchids and small bamboo.  You will lunch overlooking the waterfall at Zhelyung before continuing along the trail to the remote Monpas inhabited village of Kubdra in the middle of the forest. Kubdra only has three households and the few Monpas living there are very happy to welcome you. Watch out for tiger and leopard, who are also local inhabitants in this area, and though they are rarely seen their droppings and spores can be found.

Overnight Tented Campsite 1636m

Day 5: Kubdra – Jangbi, distance 14kms, time 6 hours

Kubra 1636m – Jangbi Village 1368m. The trek continues to Jangbi Village and you will see traces of the Guru Rimpoche along the way (foot print, dagger and hat). Visit the small village of Phrumzur with it’s temple and from where you have a splendid view right over the valley. Further along the trail you will be presented with a grand vista of pristine forest.  Tonight your campsite near Jangbi has a beautiful view over the valley and Mangde Chuu (river).

Overnight Tented Campsite 1368m

Day 6: Jangbi – Tongtongfey, distance 9kms, time 3-4 hours

Jangbi 1368m – Tongtongfey 1061m. This morning you have a steep descent of 950m which will bring you to a bridge crossing Mangde Chuu. Continue to ascend for your final climb to Tongtongfey where the trek terminates and your driver will be waiting to transport you by road to your overnight accommodation.  If time permits visit Kuenga Rabten Palace and the Nunnery en route.

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